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Oct 22, 2012 6:00am EDT
california are on a screen at their own table 3,000 miles away talking. they have a different perspective on things. things that seem important to us in washington seem irrelevant there. the reverse can be true. it is great to have a conversation back and forth. it adds to the fact that we have bureaus across the country with like chicago, we have full time people in new orleans for a couple of years after katrina, and having people in different places just really enriches the conversation and the range of stories you can do. >> one of your radio reports, so people can hear you, this is on the road. we will find out afterward. [video clip] >> this is morning edition. >> i am standing on the ruins of carthage. we are by the mediterranean sea which is almost sky blue. this city was the capital of an empire, destroyed by the romans more than 2000 years ago and rebuilt before it fell into ruin again. what we see are a couple of stone columns and the foundations of ancient buildings. we came here to begin a journey along the coast line through libya, egypt, and we are watching as nations rebui
Oct 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
will be the largest city ever taken over by the state. stock in california might be the largest of 300,000 people. mayor bling is an honest man. i don't know if he's a fantastic charismatic leader. you now, i think that detroiters like people are a little bit of swagger and attitude. to be forthright as a mayor, he's been kept in closer to the vast than most detroiters are used to. >> let's look at a little bit of your film. obviously it's a commercial product and we will show bits and pieces. if people want to see this or they want to see jesus camp, how can they get them? "detropia" is playing in theaters across the country now. it in over 50 cities. people go to "detropia".com. it's in all secondary markets. d.c., new york, l.a., philadelphia, baltimore, etcetera. it's probably -- it's a varied experience. all of other films you can see on netflix or online. this film, "detropia" will be on dvd. >> run this opening and explain what's going on here. [video clip]. >> you're watching live one of 10,000 homes they are trying to get done in the next four years over the course of the
Oct 7, 2012 8:00pm EDT
morning session over .offee that was an award i got in california. >> how much time did you spend their? >> in the office? >> a lot more now. three or four years ago i decided it was not going to happen -- i was not going to have time. i did not succeed. i spend much more time than i really need to, but it is the habit. i do not need to tell you this. you have been getting up in the morning for 60 years, putting on a clean shirt and tie and going into an office, it is a hard habit to break. >> we saw you a minute ago puffing on a cigarette. i understand that is not a real cigarette. >> it is not. >> but you had a how many years cigarette habit? >> i still have the electronic cigarette that looks like a real one and, to some extent, tastes like a real one. it is just pure nicotine, there is none of the junk or the tar in the regular cigarettes. the smoke the you see is vapor. >> does it work? >> it certainly works in giving you a nicotine fix, absolutely does work, but there is still something about -- that is why it is called an addiction. >> this question is not fun to answer, but you
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)